O mnie

Hi there! 👋
My name is Damian Słoński
and I'm a creative frontend
web developer.

import * as React from 'react'import { FrontEnd } from 'developers' const App = (): JSX.Element => ( <FrontEnd>🐘</FrontEnd>) export default App


I love JavaScript. 💛

Sometimes strange, could be surprising, but in the hands of a creative developer gives a lot of possibilities and allows you to create really amazing things.

And I'm fan of React. 🙌️

The comprehensive, cross-platform nature and strict closeness to the JavaScript language itself make me a huge fan of it.

However TypeScript is blessing. 💪

Safety and transparency that cannot be overestimated. In my opinion, the world of TypeScript would be worse, and certainly more buggy.

But I like Vue too. 🖖

It doesn't have big companies on its side, but it has a great community, it's open-source, it's simple, and has great UI animation tools built-in.

$ damianslonski@MacBook-Air: ~ > nodeWelcome to Node.js v18.15.0Type ".help" for more information.>

Mainly I make a frontend of the web.

But I like to try my hand in other environments.

I was working on Windows and Linux, but I’m definitely fan of macOS and Apple hardware.

Not everyone is a geek of the Cupertino company products, so among others, that's why I think Docker is an amazing tool.


Science-Humanist Brain

I have never been able to give a strict answer to the question of which semicircle is dominant in me. 🧠

Integrals, CPU's and more coding! 🤖

I was the type of kid who always had a computer science A and did C format for my friends from the neighborhood. My first "Hello World" was written in Pascal.

🎨 Design, UI's and more animations!

I also always liked to scribble various things in graphics programs, from Paint to Photoshop to Figma. I like thoughtful animations and minimalist design.

Formal Education

Scientia potentia est.

I studied Applied informatics
with a specialization in Software engineering
at the Cracow University of Economics. 🎓

My bachelor's thesis had the title:
"Cryptocurrencies as a form of digital money".

ⓘ The study and thesis were in the Polish language. 🇵🇱


You need the help of a professional of the frontend,
or maybe you want to do something cool together?
Either way, feel free to write! 📨

Write to me! 📭

I try to respond to every kind and strict message.

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